The first contact

We will often receiving a call from one person wishing to engage in Mediation. All calls are dealt with evenly and balanced to ensure we remain neutral and the other person can be assured there is impartiality.

We will explain the Mediation process, costs, check mutually convenient availability and arrange an appointment if required.

An Information Form will be sent to you to get some information about the issues you want to resolve and your basic background details. We will also send our Terms of Business for you to consider before the first meeting.

The first meeting

The first meeting will be an Assessment and Information Meeting. Here your concerns and questions can be considered.

A brief explanation will also be given about the process to enable you to understand how mediation will work and check you understand all the aspects and agree them.

The charges and Terms and Conditions of Mediation are explained.

This meeting is often done face to face with the couple either together or individually. It often lasts for one hour.

The information can also be provided over the phone.