What happens next?

Additional meetings are scheduled to allow you to work on communication issues, arrangements for children, exchange financial information, consider options and put forward proposals. The Mediator may well suggest you each take advice on the financial information and/ or support for your children.

Mediation of financial issues after separation

There are many common misconceptions about mediation. One is that it is easier
“to get away” with financial non-disclosure. In fact the financial disclosure process in mediation is as rigorous as that conducted through solicitors. Mediation involves informed decision-making . For this reason:-

  • All financial disclosure is given on an open and formal basis so that it may be used in court, whether or not mediation results in an agreed settlement. This avoids wasted costs.
  • Each party is required to provide a financial disclosure statement of world-wide financial circumstances.
  • You will use a document called the Mediation Form E to help you collate information on a standard form
  • The Form E is supplemented by supporting documents – i.e. pay slip / accounts
  • The complete forms are discussed at mediation and if necessary addition information can be requested by the parties or the Mediator.
  • The Mediator will ordinarily prepare a formal summary of financial disclosure.
  • Though the mediator will assist to identify what information would help to resolve issues, the Mediator can not accept responsibility for the sufficiency and verification of the information.
  • There may be some cases where the parties agree initially to provide only limited documentation

Mediation of children issues after separation

We can help you to agree on decisions required relating to:

  • Where the children are to live and with whom
  • The time the children will spend with each parent/relatives
  • Arrangements relating to schooling, health and religion
  • How much money is required to support the children and how this will be met
  • Ensuring the children are appropriately involved in
  • arrangements and consulted

Final stages

Once you have proposals you both find acceptable the mediator will prepare a summary of them together with a summary of the financial information. This  will be sent to each of you to discuss with your lawyers.

After you have both received legal advice and if you are both still happy with the proposals, it is  the lawyers who convert the summary into a legally binding document and carry out any necessary implementation.